1 year of Exclusive Pumping

I have made it 1 year of pumping breast milk for my daughter and I am proud of myself.  And yes, I am going to blog about it. Why? Well because I think it’s important for people to know what it’s been like. Breastfeeding in any capacity isn’t easy, but exclusive pumping….it’s different.  During my […]

Lots of numbers, Lots of love

365 days. I have been a mother for 365 days. How did that happen? How did it fly by so quickly? In the early weeks of parenthood, I felt like I was in a painful, fast-paced, slow motion, beautiful, bittersweet moment in time. We didn’t know as much about Kierra’s condition as we do now, […]

Heavy heartĀ 

A child’s life is precious. It’s a tragedy when it is lost. A 4 year old boy who had marfan syndrome passed away today. He got sick, then cardiac arrest. Christopher and I actually sat with this little guy and his parents in one of the classes at the marfan conference and chatted with them […]

Marfan ConferenceĀ 

In order to update everyone that’s interested at one time, I decided to make a post about our experience at the marfan conference.   The 20 hour drive to get there was actually not so bad….I have to brag and tell you all how fantastic Kierra was the entire time. Hardly any fussing at all. […]

Harmless words

Sometimes, little, harmless statements can have more of an effect than intended. I took Kierra to gymboree the other day for her first time and we had so much fun together. She loved seeing and playing with other babies! During one of the games, where the mom holds the baby up and helps baby kick […]


I wanted to get this post out on Mother’s day but time got away from me so here it is now. Being a mom… it’s the toughest job out there. I respect and cherish my own mom more now knowing that she raised my sister and I.  What a handful we were! When you become […]

Love of a Mother

Before I became a mom, I was one of those people who got annoyed when you posted 50 pictures of your kid(s) trying mac & cheese for the first time. I thought “Geez, do you really need to post that many pictures of your kids? I will never be one of those Moms” Well look […]